B&P Family Farms has a focus on recreation, with a mission of education, to meet our goal of conservation. We are a wildlife tree nursery and habitat improvement company. We want to work with you to improve your property in such a way that you learn from the experience and can pass it on, so that both the project and information can be passed on and enjoyed long after we are gone. Here at B&P we feel a strong sense of responsibility to the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat. We understand the conservationist and outdoorsman and their connection to the land. From the old family place, to expansive tracts of commercial operation, and everything in between, we want to partner with you for the planning, implementing, and maintaining of your habitat improvement projects.

Everything we grow at B&P provides important benefits for healthy habitat, as well as, the food supply for wildlife. Our nursery stock comes from seed sources we have monitored over time that have proven to exhibit the most coveted characteristics. Seed sources are chosen by overall health, early mast production, consistent mast production, and wildlife preference. B&P specializes in custom reforestation, creating permanent food sources, and creating or improving hunting locations to attract, hold, and feed wildlife on your property year round.

Successful wildlife management starts with proper habitat management. B&P can assist you with any and all projects to improve your property and habitat. Yes, we do specialize in creating and improving food sources but we can also custom tailor comprehensive habitat improvement and management plans. Whether you are too busy or just do not know how and where to start, let us help you with food plot creation, design, and maintenance, invasive species removal, timber stand improvement, prescribed fire, hinge cutting, native warm season grass establishment, camera surveys, predator trapping, stand placement, and road and lake building and maintenance. We are happy to help you achieve your goals for your property any way we can.

In 2010, two long time friends with a passion for the outdoors and life long experience in growing and planting trees for habitat improvement and hunting grew a few too many sawtooth oak for use at the farm and decided to sell them. Due to overwhelming positive feedback we decided to grow and sell several thousand hard mast producing seedlings from seed sources we personally hunt over and in 2011 B&P Family Farms was officially established. Since, B&P has grown into a wildlife tree nursery and habitat improvement company with over 60 species of beneficial wildlife plants and works on and helps to manage habitat on dozens of properties across the state of Mississippi, as well as, some properties in neighboring states. We feel very fortunate to have the knowledge and experience we have obtained from a life long passion for the outdoors and the opportunities it has provided for us and our families and there is nothing we want more than to be able to share that with you. Here at B&P we are hands on start to finish and when it comes to habitat improvement the work is never done. We pride ourselves on hard work, forming relationships, and providing you with the best service we can offer. The dirt on our face and the smile on yours is why we do what we do.